Meet the team

Carlos Heras-Palou

David Gregory

Vince Nicholas

Vince is a trustee of Amyloidosis UK. Having been diagnosed with hATTR amyloidosis himself, he is an expert in patient support and the services available to you and/or your loved ones.

Paul Pozzo

Kate Taylor
Charity Coordinator

I have been working with Amyloidosis UK since the beginning of 2021. I manage projects and campaigns, liaise with other organisations and patients, work on the charity’s social media output and help with many other aspects of running the organisation. Although I have not worked with amyloidosis before I have been a nurse for almost 20 years, I have some molecular biology training and am also a Pilates teacher- all of which all help me to understand the many aspects of life with amyloidosis. It is a real privilege to work for Amyloidosis UK and to help support ATTR amyloidosis patients in the UK.